Spain Golf Tournament July 20 -28, 2017

Charity to benefit Drayton Florence Foundation tour to Spain lead by Drayton Florence, Marcus Stroud, Andre Reed and Jim McMahon.

The Costa del Sol, in southern Spain, stretches along 95 mils of the Malaga province and is without a doubt one of the country’s most spectacular locales.

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See in you Spain!

2017 Spain Golf Tournament

A Retired NFL Superstar Dominating the Tech Space

Retired NFL Superstar Lito Sheppard (Left), Retired NFL Superstar Drayton Florence (Middle), Jeff Shuford Ph.D. (Right)

Huffington Post

Drayton Florence’s domination didn’t stop when he stepped off the football field and hung up his cleats. The Retired NFL Superstar is forging his future in tech and becoming the driving force behind the best veteran tech startup of the year.

In the tech world, many new startups struggle to find traction, media attention, and strategic partners. The lack of notable names in a company can make the difference in having a great fundraising round or a poor round. That’s where powerful, successful, and tech-savvy business partners can make a difference.

“Drayton has the ability to expand us into various markets that are not only local but also international. His drive and initiative are unique in the tech industry and will foster the blueprint for tech companies in the future,” said Tech From Vets’ Public Affairs Officer, Lt. Colonel Rickey Pope, USA, Retired.

Drayton’s impact has directly led Tech From Vets to accelerate their exploration into Virtual Reality.

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Tackling The Tech Space: Retired NFL Superstar Drayton Florence

Drayton Florence is a former superstar defensive back in the National Football League where he played professionally for eleven years. Playing for Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and Denver Broncos Drayton knows what it means to play his best at the highest level.

Drayton is a University of North Florida graduate and has a Bachelors Degree in Sports Management. Florence was drafted with the 46th pick overall in 2003 from Tuskegee University, he is the highest drafted player from Tuskegee University’s history where he has been inducted into the Tuskegee University Sports Hall of Fame. With eleven years of playing experience and over 100 career starts, the skills and expertise he has amassed is unprecedented. He started his own non-for-profit after his rookie season, The Drayton Florence Foundation which has raised over $300,000 for various programs and events for communities locally and internationally.

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13th Annual “Make It Happen” Football Camp a success

Drayton Florence Make It Happen 2016

The Drayton Florence Foundation thanks all who participated in the 13th Annual “Make It Happen” Football Camp

A special thank you goes out to those who supported the event especially the great coaches and mentors.

The “Make It Happen” Football Camp is a free camp for youth, ages 8-18 years of age. The football camp is organized by 11 year NFL veteran, Drayton Florence and the Drayton Florence Foundation.

Mr. Florence coached and mentored these scholar athletes, along with the help of his camp staff. In addition to teaching fundamental football skills, the camp was designed to impart the message of lifeskills: hard work, discipline, goal-setting, dedication, sportsmanship and teamwork.

This annual event is an exciting opportunity to receive instructions on how to become better in the sport of football from someone who has played at its highest level for over a decade. We had a blast.

Drayton Florence 2016 Make It Happen

Drayton Florence 2016 Make It Happen

Drayton Florence 2016 Make It Happen

Drayton Florence 2016 Make It Happen

Drayton Florence 2016 Make It Happen

Drayton Florence 2016 Make It Happen

Drayton Florence 2016 Make It Happen -01

Drayton Florence Make It Happen -2016

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