Lives We’ve Changed

Over the past several years, the Drayton Florence Foundation has impacted lives all across the US, from as far west as California and as far east as New York. One of the greatest blessings of being able to give back is hearing from those whose lives we have impacted with our programs and community involvement.

We wanted to share with you some of the notes we’ve received over the years from the community groups we’ve partnered with, families we have changed and youth we have positively impacted through our programming and commitment to those less privileged.

“Thank you so much for the invitation to the Thanksgiving event. It is great to see people that care about the veterans in Western New York. I dont get out to much these days so this is an opportunity to show my family some good things. Last year I was diagnosed with a heart problem that has keep me from working for over a year now. The hardest part is trying to make ends meat and provide for my family including our youngest daughter who is disabled needing extra care. This is gonna be a great time for everyone. Thank you so much. It made my day just talking to you about this.”

Eric J.
Military Serviceman
Buffalo, NY

“Last night’s Thanksgiving event was wonderful! My 2 year old did not know what to think. He wanted to meet Mr. Florence, but became too shy. All in all it was absolutely wonderful.”

Dawn B.
Iraq War Vetern
Buffalo, NY

“The Drayton Florence Foundation made Christmas brighter for 17 children in Gateway-Longview’s Foster Care Program this past December. Drayton personally took children shopping to enhance their Christmas experiences. Children in foster care often come from very disadvantaged situations, and many times their parents do not have the resources to take them shopping to pick out things of their own. Not only did Drayton personally fill that gap in their lives, but also took time to meet each child, talk with him or her, and sign autographs. Each and every child was excited and thankful for the time he took out of his busy schedule to make them feel extra-special!”

Michelle Federowicz, MSW
Director of Foster Care and Permanency Services
Buffalo, NY

“The total impact on each young person there made me feel as though the camp had touched many young people. The professional athletes should be PROUD of the job they & the staff did to reach so many on such a HOT Day. Great Job!!!!!!”

Community Partner
Make It Happen Youth Football Camp
Ocala, FL