Blue32 Jax & Vets 22 Partner To Provide Free Treatments For Veterans

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Jacksonville Florida is home to one of the most significant military veteran populations in the United States of America. Harbor improvements and year-round summer-like conditions continue to make Jacksonville a vital military and civilian deep-water port. With more veterans serving in wartime operations the need to help our heroes recover after grueling deployments are needed now more than ever.

One company that has decided to open its door to the heroes of our nation is Blue32 Jax. Blue32 Jax is a leader in providing the best Cryotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments, Infrared Sauna Sessions, and Normatec Recovery Sessions to weekend warriors and everyday athletes in Jacksonville Florida. From the day Blue32 Jax opened its doors, the innovative sports technology company dedicated the 22nd of every month to provide free Cryotherapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments to veterans of all eras. “The impact these free treatments are having for our veterans is extraordinary. We owe it to our heroes to provide them with the best treatments and care available, it’s our responsibility as business owners and Americans,” stated Drayton Florence owner of Blue32 Jax. Florence has deep roots in the military community that extends far past providing free treatments to veterans. In addition to Florence’s close family members that are currently serving in the military, Florence co-founded and co-developed a mobile application dedicated to helping veterans find life-saving resources. Download the Vets 22 App.

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