Welcome to my blog on my website!

Welcome to the Drayton Florence Foundation blog on my website! With the launch of the this site, I’ll be launching a new feature — a blog where I’ll be talking about the latest news, the newest information and updates on my foundation and I’ll be open to answering your questions and addressing topics you can send to me! An idea for an upcoming blog? Email us at info@draytonflorencefoundation.com and share it with us! You never know, I just might answer your questions right here!

I am so excited at the launch of my new website just in time for the Christmas holiday season. As many of you know, I’ve really focused my foundation this year on supporting our military families in Buffalo, in Ocala, and beyond.  In communities all across our country, men and women in our military are leaving behind family and friends as they are called to protect our freedom. And it’s not just in Iraq or Afghanistan. Our soldiers are all over the world in places like Bosnia, Egypt, Korea and more. Today more than 1.5 MILLION men and women in uniform serve in over 135 countries around the world!

Military families struggle with issues including finances, child care and particularly the stresses involved with raising children and maintaining the family unit during this separation. These families make sacrifices for you and me every single day, and I’ve passionately committed the resources of my nonprofit foundation to support these families.  I hope you’ll join me in my many projects, events and activites coming up.

I wish you and your families a very blessed, safe and happy holiday season.