My Super Bowl 2012 Experience!

My Super Bowl experience this year was very different and exciting. I traveled abroad to Honduras and El Salvador to visit our troops that have been stationed there along with James Lee of the Tampa Bay Bucs and Darrel Young from the Washington Redskins.

Our first stop was Soto Cano where Col. Brown was in charge. We visited all the work stations throughout the base — even the special ops guys which to me was the highlight! They were secluded from everyone else and even Col. Brown didn’t have access there. Growing up as a military brat I always said I wanted to be a Navy Seal or Green Beret and I found myself surrounded by a room full of them.

In visits with the troops, we found ourselves exchanging stories from life to the battle field. It was a very intense but fun situation. We watched the big game at Soto Cano and got to meet all the soilders, airmen and navy personnel. Interesting face: I learned they all don’t liked to be called soilders! Where did you watch the Super Bowl?

El Salvador was a much smaller base but the mission of both places was to help the DEA and Coast Guard in assisting in the inteception of illegal drugs coming from this area to the US.  On our second stop we were able to play flag football and construct some football drills for the men and women in El Salvador — one guy happened to be from Tonawanda (NY) and he had his Bills gear on so I let him lead the exercises.

I am so thankful for the people from Armed Forces Entertainment and ProTour Productions who made this trip possible. We were welcomed with open arms to show our support for the men and women that serve our country. This was an experience I will never forget and hope to do similar trips in the future.